Monday, August 5, 2013

Night Sweats: A Ballad

I thought that I had lost you love
That some years back you'd died
In darkest silence you lay sleeping
And all my tears were cried

I thought the nighttime took you love
The moon flashed bone-white grin
And blew a black wind all around you
That rotted off your skin

It's just a fevered dream my dear
A burning freezing chill
Convulsive shivering pounding head
Close stifled air too still

It's just to be expected dear
Everything must end
For loss is life's eventual cost
My best, my dearest friend

It's just that I can't see you dear
I want to see you so
Roll over let me see your face
Once more before I go

I thought that I had died my love
And left you all alone
I sank into the utter black
Down to the deep unknown
Copyright 2013 by Ike Wassom.  All rights reserved.

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